Brothers 1 /52


1: While getting ready to head out the door.  Ezra in his coat and Jonah still avoiding getting dressed – a typical morning.

I’ve wanted to do a 52 project for a long time, and knew that I wanted the subject to be not only something that I loved to photograph, but also something that wouldn’t be difficult for me to capture regularly as a busy mom so that I could keep up with my project.  So as you may have  guessed, I chose to do a ‘brothers’ weekly series that will go up every Thursday.


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  • Amy says:

    They are so cute!! Man I wish I could be closer to enjoy them and you more!!!
    I miss you and your cute family!!

  • J says:

    Lovely idea for a series, can’t think of better subjects to photography. You’ll be so happy you have these pictures after the kids are all grown up… and it’s the only way your far off friends like me get to see baby Ez!

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