3 / 52 Brothers

3/52 brothers
3.  Always room for more

I don’t have to turn my head for too long for Jonah to find trouble.  This time however, I thought it was sweet to find him squeezed in next to Ezra in the bassinet.  He wasn’t sitting on Ez nor did he seem to have stepped on him in the process of climbing in – in fact I have been pretty impressed at how conscious and careful he is with Ezra.  He really likes to be near him even when I’m not around.

Also.  You may be thinking to yourself that I must never dress Jonah since he has been near naked in every 52 project photo so far.  And I really don’t even have an explanation for you, but I could just attribute it to potty training, baths, or Jonah’s mischievous  personality (always running away before I can get his clothes all the way on… which is also why getting out of the house can be the longest process in the world).  But dressed or not, when I see a worthy moment, I snap it.  I added one more for today, because I loved both. 

3/52 brothers

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