Stenciling Attempt in Progress

When Mahonrri left for Alaska again, I thought that I would start yet another home project that I could surprise him with when he got back, since Jonah’s room was so much fun.  This time I took on a stenciling project.  It seemed like a reasonable enough project.  Just one wall in my living room – something I could finish fairly quickly.  Can I just say ug?  Oh you DIYers, you make everything seem like a snap.  Now I’m not saying this is hard, but I don’t even have a 1/4 of the wall done and I started at the beginning of the week….  one by one…. brushing into each corner and line.  Taping and repositioning and lining up.  I keep stepping back and squinting my eyes so I can see how lovely it’s going to look and remember why I’m doing this.  Remember lady! Remember!  It’s going to all be worth it!

Things I would do differently next time around:   1)Buy/make more than one stencil or just use a larger one, and  2) Do it with a friend and maybe even get a baby sitter.

Here is a little preview of what I am working on.  Await patiently pics of the final result.  They will come!


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