August Break : Morning

Mornings are the best… I love morning baby grog and having Jonah come into my room to greet me with a soft crackly “a moaning” (that’s good morning for you slow folk) the moment he wakes.  I love that I am his first stop 99% of the time.  Me. Mornings for Ez can go 50/50.  Sometimes he wakes up crying because he is hungry, which delays his morning sugar, but the other times when he wakes he just sits up in his bed and plays with a toy and patiently awaits me, or if I left him in my bed when I fed him in the night I wake to his cooing baby sounds right in my ear.  I’ve even gotten a hand on my cheek before… Oh mornings I love you.  But I love you even more when you keep my babies just a little extra sleepy and let them curl up with me and fall back to sleep for another dose of dreams.   Baby sandwiches when you’re the cheese… that is God’s gift to mommies.


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