August Break : Bookshelf and Trouble

These are actually some of the last of my books (not including childrens books) that are still being stored in the main parts of my house.  All others have been relocated to the garage or basement.  As much as I like to have books at my fingertips, I also like my space (a rare commodity in my house).  My shelves often play as a catch-all for anything I don’t want Jonah to get into or that I have taken away from him, so this prompt took a bit to get inspired.  Most popular items you’d find on the upper shelves: Pens.  Well, anything that marks really… mainly because he is my kid (I have a pretty “colorful” past of misdemeanors that may or may not have included my mothers walls and the Flintstone family…), and so I don’t want to take the chance that he follows in my footsteps.  Also because any time he has gotten a hold of a pen he has come out a walking piece of artwork.  Next most popular items: change, hairpins, and Hotwheels (because there is something about those small little cars that gets my kid into T-R-O-U-B-L-E.

Today’s prompt : Bookshelf


And I thought I’d just toss in an example of me catching that character writing on his hand with a highlighter…. the hardest part – he laughs and thinks even getting caught is all great fun.  Look at that face!  So mischievous. So happy. So genuine.  How do you get mad at that?

bookshelf and trouble

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