August Break : Blue

I love how peaceful Ez immediately gets even at the idea of a bath.  He could be tired, hungry, stinky, whatever and be so unhappy, then we enter the bathroom and I kneel us down near the tub and that is all it takes.  Jonah liked baths – I think most babies do – but not nearly the way that Ezra does.  It’s funny because I am feeling peaceful and relaxed right at this moment just looking at his little face and remembering that sigh of air he releases as he leaves all his “troubles” behind him and watches me test the water.  I never put the plug in right away because, like clockwork, within 20 seconds of sitting in the water he pees.  After that, we are good to go.

I chose this image not just because it’s a sweet photo of my baby, but because I have been trying to be more attentive of the blue around me.  I initially took this photo just to capture Ez, and only afterwards did I become aware of the blue…

Today’s prompt : Blue


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