Waiting Patiently for Baby

waiting patiently

This new year has not yet brought me my new baby… looks like this one is just going to hang in there until just the right moment.  The last couple of weeks have been spent playing the “any day now” game just obsessing over every little thing that could possibly pose as a sign that this critter is ready.  However, the other day, while staring up at my still unfinished stenciled living room wall I just snapped.  I realized that this baby may come tonight, or it may just come in two more weeks.  Even though I always say that I am waiting patiently for whenever the baby decides, I realized that maybe I hadn’t been, because I became ultra aware of all the time I was spending sitting down and watching movies or stealing away to soak in the tub, or going pin crazy on my phone… basically doing anything BUT living my life as normal as ever.  I knew that if I was really at peace with waiting, I would be more actively involved in these last moments of pregnancy, as well as these last moments of alone time with Jonah and Mahonrri.  I would be enjoying today.  Maybe I would finish my wall, I could take Jonah out for mommy-Jonah time, bake some banana nut muffins, or even better yet, bake that paleo pecan pie that I have been drooling over for the last few months (and totally preggo friendly).  Bottom line, these last moments should be cherished.  This is the time to enjoy.   Baby will come when he/she is ready and not a moment sooner.

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  • Yooms says:

    Yes, you’re back. Your motivation whilst pregnant never ceases to amaze me. You’re such a go getter, enjoy this time. You’re going to have your hands full any day now :)

  • Yoomz says:

    Damn, my last comment didn’t post! Okay, here goes one more try. Your energy and motivation even while pregnant never ceases to amaze me. You’re such a go getter! And I love that about you. Thank you for being someone who is truly a constant source of inspiration to me. Love you!

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