Unpredictable: Baby Due Dates

baby due dates are unpredictable

Last Monday I went in for a full body massage with Mama Mia.  It was heavenly.  The particular massage often helps to get labor started – that, with the help of some reflexology.  Turns out that night I started having regular contractions.  They were coming anywhere from 10-12 mins apart and continued for hours like this.  Of course, here I am today, literally almost bursting at the seams, and hobbling around like an arthritic granny due to my obnoxious sciatica… so it seems that though this massage helped my body to progress, it was not enough to convince my body to open and give me my baby.

You know the other day I went out to dinner at The Melting Pot for hubby’s birthday.  I went to the restroom, and when I came out of the stall there was a darling girl about my own age washing her hands.  We made eye contact and smiled, but then I watched as her eyes drifted down to my belly and I’m sure she just couldn’t help herself, but her eyes widened and her brows raised as she just said “whoa.”  Yeah, whoa.  She nailed it.  I have reached the point now that going out in public is like walking around naked.  Maintaining eye contact with someone is basically impossible – people just have to stare.  I get it.  Been there.  About a month ago I was walking around downtown and saw this woman in front of me waddling down the street with her hubby and 3 kids.  She must have been where I am now because I remember thinking “whoa” to myself – but here’s the kicker – I actually thought to myself “I’m glad I won’t get that big” … yeah, I did.  I know.  But you’ve got to understand, at this point I thought my due date was closer to the 23rd of December – only a week away from that moment… which brings me to the point of all this:

So now that my old due date has come and gone long ago, we changed the date according to the ultrasound (the first was calculated by conception and a positive pregnancy test).  My midwife brought up the possibility that I could have miscarried only  a few weeks into my pregnancy and then conceived again right away never realizing – which would explain the difference in my original and new baby due dates.  So it’s nice to have answers, but you know what that means?  It means everyone who has ever asked or I have confided in has been expecting me to pop for the last 3 weeks.  Also meaning, of course (and it’s expected and kind of them to be concerned) that I have to explain things over and over and over… I can’t even go to the restaurants we are regulars at without feeling on display – all the waitresses asking me and staring (at least in my head they are staring) at my enormous midsection that can’ t even be fully covered by my coat at this point and wondering why the doctor isn’t inducing me already.

There’s a question you never hear an end to: Why are you not inducing?  That’s just what everyone does these days, and what most doctors would schedule automatically anyway, so who can blame them – it is what’s expected, right?  But here is my simple answer:  because I believe in nature taking it’s course.  I also believe it’s healthier and safer for both me and baby to avoid intervention of any kind if we are both healthy and well.  I’m okay with waiting it out – not that I sound okay or feel okay all the time, because quite frankly I feel like I’m going to go crazy if I spend another night timing contractions and rolling around on an exercise ball for relief.  Early (EARLY)  this morning they were at 6.5 mins apart and lasting nearly a minute each.  Talk about getting a girls hopes up… One thing is for sure, if black eyes were the new sign of beauty I would be the poster girl.

Going natural is best.  That is fact, not opinion.  It’s hard to argue otherwise.  But the waiting is crazy.  The guessing is killer.  This is just one of those times in life where Google simply cannot pull through for you.  Finally, I confess my new due date: January 11th – yep, 3 days ago.  So if any of you can send me good labor vibes this way, I’m taking all I can get!  How did you make it through your late arrivals???  I’d love to hear.

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