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stay active

I’ve been walking lots and lots lately.  I finally have a friend to take morning strolls with which is much more enjoyable.  She just had a baby and is working her way back up to physical activity, making us a great team.  Slow and steady.  Since this pregnancy has graced me with groins that feel like there is a boulder wedged between my hips and sitting on my girly parts, all physical activity has been waddle worthy as early as 18 weeks along – I assure you that it’s only getting more comfortable and awesome as time goes on.  Love it…

It’s no secret that exercise is good for you during pregnancy – especially walking.  My first pregnancy I had a lot of energy and enthusiasm to exercise, but this time around I have to actually make myself stay active and exercise.  If you are pregnant and finding it hard to get motivated I encourage you to find a friend.  If there’s no friends available, than get your hubby on board.  Maybe make it an evening ritual that he instigates?  Some (some) days I’ll even get motivated to come home and follow up my walk with some yoga, and maybe (maybe) even some weights (we are talking 3 lbs here, nothing crazy).  Those are good days, and I feel really proud of myself those days.

On days where my walking buddy cancels I am happy to have a kiddo to keep me on my game.  Walking has become Jonah’s ritual, as much as mine and if I attempt to let it slip through the cracks, he is at the door, boots on and ready to go anyway.  And as always, if I don’t listen to him, he adjusts the volume of his voice as necessary…   I can always count on him to keep me active (even when I rather he didn’t).


I love you boys!  You are my world!

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