Acceptance: Your Body After Birth


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I’ve been so inspired by women who are owning their post postpartum – after baby glory.  Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder… Those that live their lives comparing themselves to the beauty painted by the media can hardly look at a soft and scarred belly without cringing.  Who of us have not been horrified by the idea of a “disfigured” body?  But the silver squiggles left behind by such a marvelous experience as pregnancy, only tell a story – like the rings of an old tree – a record of growth.  You grew another human being inside of you!!  Not everyone can say that.  Be proud!  Roar!!

It seems like I come across more and more women these days who don’ t want to have children because they are afraid of what pregnancy will do to their bodies.  And who wants to sugar coat it… pregnancy WILL change your body.  But I feel bad for those women.  They are so focused on the scary elements of pregnancy, that they may just completely miss out on the most incredible experience of life – an experience than not everyone can even have, and they throw it away out of fear.  I’ll tell you what’s uglier than a saggy scarred belly, it’s fear.  Fear distinguishes the weak from the strong.  There is hope for a post baby belly, but their is nothing that can be done for those who cower before the battle.

Again you woman out there who have taken on the challenge of pregnancy and carry with you it’s souvenirs, you are beautiful!  We are not pages from a magazine, we are REAL women!

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