A Toddlers Disappearing Act

It’s official.  I need eyes in the back of my head.  I just spent the last 20 minutes looking for a cucumber.  I know it was on the counter because I had just cut part of it up for our lunch moments before… I assumed at first that maybe I moved it to a different counter or even put it in the refrigerator or maybe in the sink for some reason, but when I didn’t see it in any of those places there was only one other thing that could have happened to it – Jonah happened.  Why the cucumber anyway?  I mean, seriously…?  So I began my search in bedrooms, under tables and behind chairs, I looked in the garbage can and even in drawers.  And finally I looked under couch cushions and in the toilet (hey, nothing is out of the question at this point).  I was stumped.  Of course after I took a break from looking and returned to the kitchen I found it under my straw hat by the back door.

Yesterday he got a hold of my camera lens cover and after the longest search ever it’s still missing.  The day before while I was getting ready I saw him with a watermelon rind that he had stolen off the counter from lunch.  He was walking around happy as can be with it so I let him keep eating it – what could it hurt, right?  Well not even a minute later he comes out of my room without the rind.  Truth be told I wasn’t watching his every move, so he could have very easily gone into his room before mine.  I ask him where it is and he puts his arms up in the “I don’t know” gesture and says “where’d it go?”  I attempt to get him to show me or tell me but he kept saying the same thing with the occasional gibberish that I couldn’t make out.  Now two days later and I still haven’t found that rogue rind… it’s my own fault really.

Toddlers.  How do they do it?

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