Toddler Art Projects Without the Mess or Stress

Painting with Jonah is so much fun.  There is so much energy and spontaneity in toddler art that I actually find myself a little envious.  There are hundreds of books, articles, lectures, and even cultures all based around those very characteristics in attempts to create great works of art.  Letting go of preconceptions of what you want a piece to look like and allowing your subconscious or emotions to take over actually takes a whole lot of discipline, but with kids its just natural…

I’ve thought about getting one of those easels for kids, but at this point, I am certain that it would be a recipe for a disaster.  Instead, I opt for a kid friendly, quick cleanup, anything goes kind of setting… the bath tub.  I pull the curtain up and out of the way, drop a few sheets of paper in and squirt paint out wherever.  Then I hand J a few brushes and help him climb in and go bananas.  I love how much he loves this.  Jonah also loves to help me clean it up.  I hand him a rag and the two of us wash off the walls and tub floor.  I hang his paintings up to dry, and fill the tub with bubbles.   This is seriously the perfect activity for me.  Yeah, that’s right, ME.  It’s time to relax guilt and stress free not just while he paints, but afterwards while he bathes.  Add some lavender essential oils to the water and some Dustin O’Halloran to the atmosphere (if it’s right before bedtime – which if you are smart it will be exactly that time about now) and that little artist will be ready to pass out when all is said and done… Not to mention mama got in some much needed meditation time, so she is feeling pretty great as well.

toddler arttoddler arttoddler art

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