The Business of Growing (and shrinking)


So I’ve fallen behind on my posts again – no surprise here.  I’ve been trying out some new filters and it’s takes a little time to experiment, so it’s set me back a little.  There has literally been no progress made on my backyard but our front lawn is gorgeous and our strawberries are doing wonderfully.  I told M that since there is no way of knowing if we will be leaving out of town suddenly, I didn’t want to worry about a vegetable garden this year because last year we put work into a lovely garden only to have the entire harvest go to our neighbors (which is better than it just going to waste of course).  Even if we end up being home through fall, I’m actually glad to not have the extra work of a garden to worry about right now.  Two kids aren’t hard work necessarily, just a lot more work.

Remember how I said that J was fully in underpants?  I got a little ahead of myself… he’s not.  They say that “accidents will still happen” so I was prepared, I thought.  I think that there are “accidents” and then there is just “not ready”.  For our own sanity we accepted that latter.

Ez has been teething lately and growing like a weed.  Needless to say that his cheery disposition is regularly interrupted by cries of pain.  His need for comfort has placed him in my arms for the better part of the day – bitter sweet – this means lots of love and bonding time, and less time to be productive and check things off of my ever growing check list.  M and I were laughing last night about how you feed a crying baby, often just to sooth or comfort them from their growing pains, yet your milk then makes them grow more – an endless cycle…

M is annoyingly losing weight.  This morning he put on his work coveralls he bought two years ago.  He works hard – but he’s a welder… that means lots of standing in one position.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for him.  But this lady here, she wakes up at 5 (yes, in the morning!) to get a good workout in every day before anything (or anyone) can get in her way, not to mention how much better I eat than him – always have… honestly people it’s just not fair (yeah, yeah I know life isn’t fair blah blah blah and all that – I don’t want to hear it).  When will the work pay off?  I keep seeing this saying on Pinterest.  It is surprisingly reassuring (even if your timeline doesn’t seem to match up)…

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