A Steady Routine

It’s been so nice having M work here in town again.  We are all getting settled into a new (and healthy) routine.  Its interesting how a little change here and a little change there can throw an entire day, or even full fledged habit off.  As much as I try, it really doesn’t take much for any routine I set in action to flop the second M leaves or comes home.  That is probably my greatest challenge with the lifestyle we have chosen for ourselves (though I still wouldn’t trade it – I love change.  Gotta have it or I go crazy!).


The kids love having their daddy around.  I know that leaving them is always the hardest part for him.  But he is home now, and getting all the attention in the world.  No daddy, you will never sleep undisturbed in this house.  Nice try though!  But hey, when the kiddos are asleep next to you, isn’t it just heavenly?


You know the one most important thing to remember in boxing?  PROTECT YOURSELF AT ALL TIMES.  Sometimes I think having kids is the same… they are so unpredictable and they LOVE to make contact.  I have expected to end up with a black eye on more than a few occasions.  And trying to rest next to kids that want to play… what will it be?  A knee to the rib cage, heel to the calf, a bony butt to the head?  Not that you get to pick, of course… Enjoy!


Having a steady routine is making this house run so much smoother.  In fact, I’ve even found time to give my dresser a facelift.  I just got pics and will show you soon!  Of course I am waking up at 5 am every day, which is helpful for finding time to myself, but getting more and more challenging the colder it gets.  You know what would be great?  A heated robe!!  (patent pending)  with matching slippers of course.  Which, btw, didn’t autumn just kind of jump right out at us from nowhere?  I swear.  At least here in SLC it was blazing hot one day and pouring down the next four, no leaves on the ground to now an entire garden filled with yellow ones!  But I’m not actually complaining.  Just amazed.  I love the fall and I’m excited to take advantage of it’s beautiful light to go out and shoot like a mad woman! (that sounds bad.  I hope by now you know that I’m referring to taking photos…).

Oh yeah, and best part about having daddy back:


Time to go out and with friends and get things like much needed pedicures.  Brings the best out of a girl, I’m tellin ya.  It makes you want to do other things like, I don’ know… shave your legs?  Benefits all around, right hubs?

Some stuff to read on routines:

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