SLCGreen Neighborhood Clean-Up

We are up two hours earlier than usual today.  Not by choice, but because it’s just the way it worked out.  We are having Mexican sweet bread and orange juice.  J likes the bread, but is more interested in picking off the powdered sugar chunks off the concha more than anything.  After every sip of OJ he pushes his cup as far away from him as he can, as if he wants nothing more to do with it.  This is only funny to me because for each new sip he has to almost get out of his seat in order to reach it again.  I don’t know how much OJ he has left, but I’m interested to see how many times he will continue this…

So Salt Lake City offers something called SLCGreen Neighborhood Clean-Up once a year where they allow people to toss all their unwanted junk out by the street and they will come by and pick it up.  I’m referring to things that are beyond donation.  Of course electronics and harmful materials are not allowed.  I love that they do this because it means (or you think it means) that people are going to clean up their yards and garages, get rid of fire hazards that are built up around or in their homes, maybe tackle a remodel, etc.  I’m definitely glad to have gotten rid of some disgusting shelves from the basement and an ugly chair that needed to go to the dump since last winter.  It was perfectly fine to donate at one point, but M left it in the back of his truck on a night that it happened to snow a ton.  So we put it in the backyard and I then used it to practice for my duct taping projects.  Needless to say, it was a disgusting eyesore that I never have to see again.

I have two issues with the city clean up though.  People don’t pay attention to the flyers/notices.  Basically as soon as spring has mostly left us they already begin to toss stuff out to the streets.  Nothing is supposed to go out until two weeks before your scheduled pick up date.  You’ll see people doing this occasionally on the east side, but here on the west it’s rampant.  This means that if the clean up is at the end of the summer (like this year) there is crap in the streets for months on end.  It kinda makes you loath the people.  Instead of thinking it’s great that they have decided to do a good spring cleaning or home update, you see them as slobs that don’t care about living among trash.  They are the destroyers of enjoyable summer strolls, photo bombers, the leaders in breaking down the progress we have made in building up the community for good here on the west… or maybe it’s just my pregnant nerves… but it looks terrible.

My other issue is that people will toss out 4 or 5 televisions.  As you can imagine, the glass breaks all over the sidewalks, the grass, and the road.  Of course when the city comes to pick up everything they wont take electronics so they are left sitting out on the curbs even to this day – perfectly dangerous and perfectly trashy.  In my pregnant mama mind I see myself slapping all the culprits (oooh scary hurry, huh?).  But for the most part, the neighborhood now looks better than it has in a long time.

SLCGreen Neighborhood Clean-Up SLCGreen Neighborhood Clean-Up

Btw, yes, that is my car.  An 81 Chevy Citation.  Lovely eh?  Yeah, I know.

SLCGreen Neighborhood Clean-UpSLCGreen Neighborhood Clean-Up

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