Pumpkin Patch

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It’s fun to have a kiddo that is finally old enough to enjoy things like pumpkin patches, hay rides, and corn mazes.  While Ezra slept nearly the entire time in the stroller, Jonah ran wild in the blazing sun (yeah, who knew we could still get such hot days this far into autumn).  I found myself hoping to get lost in the corn maze so we could stay as long as possible in the protective shade of the hay stacks (hmm… okay, I keep calling it a corn maze, and up until this point I didn’t realize that I’ve been wrong all along – it was a maze made up of stacked hay bails, sorry).  There were animals to see and even pet, a giant pit of corn, a haunted area, a slide, a large maze, a small one, tractor rides, and of course a giant pumpkin patch where you could go pick your own if you don’t like the ones they’ve picked and put out.  Aside from the cost of a pumpkin (if you chose to buy one) this farm provided all of it for free.  I was very impressed.

pumpkin patch-4437-Edit pumpkin patch-4444-Edit pumpkin patch-4450-Edit pumpkin patch-4451-Edit pumpkin patch-4462-Edit pumpkin patch-4464-Edit pumpkin patch-4468-Edit pumpkin patch-4473-Edit pumpkin patch-4481-Editpumpkin patch-4474-Edit pumpkin patch-4501-Edit

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