Even When it’s Pouring Rain

pouring rain

It’s sure been pouring rain around here lately.  How much have we all been loving it?  I can’t get enough!  The moisture feels great, the air has felt fresh and clean, and the puddles fascinate Jonah – everything that makes me happy.  I hope that you all enjoyed your weekend.  I had what I think of as a fairly successful weekend…

  • I officially took the boys out to run errands (no rain was going to stop me from getting out) all by myself this weekend – facing a fear that I have had since Ezra came (I know, it seems like a really long time to wait before getting back to your normal life, but I could just see myself either chasing J around with a babyseat in my arms, or lugging both of them under my arms at the same time through the parking lot, not to mention the battle once we even get to the shopping cart, at which point I just knew that I would be a sweaty irritable mess at the brink of a breakdown… so avoiding it all together just seemed like the better choice to me).  But now after 6 weeks of recovery and adjustment, although still trying to get my footing, I simply crossed my fingers and took the plunge.  With luck on my side there was a cart hanging out in the middle of the parking lot (one of those moments where you are glad that there are people who don’t make the effort to return their carts) and loaded my boys in.  Not even for a second did I let Jonah’s feet touch the ground.  My luck continued like this the rest of our day out.   Everything went smoother than I could have hoped, but really I think I have Ezra to thank for that – he seemed to sleep endlessly.
  • I also cleaned my stove and half my oven – yes half – I don’t think that I have ever cleaned it since we have lived here (my dirty little secret).  It only recently got to the point where I just couldn’t ignore it anymore (like when you are preheating the oven and you swear that you can smell last weeks dinner burning).  Of course, by now cleaning it out takes more dedication than I can give it, but hey, halfway done sure feels and looks much better.
  • Reorganized toys and books
  • Planned a to-do list for our home and yard
  • Cooked a successful meal (meaning everyone liked and ate it – not a norm around this house)

(wow.  This list is making me look really boring… I’ll just end this list here for both of our sakes)

pouring rain

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  • J says:

    You’re on a roll today! I think our storm has made its way to you guys. Gave us a years worth of rain in one day. Yikes

  • LIta says:

    Ho mi amor que lindo te vez como un bomberito que apaga todos los fuegos ……………oh los empiezas travesillo……..lol

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