Garden Park Ward

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The Garden Park Ward Building on 1150 E Yale Ave is a historical LDS chapel that is still being used for church meeting.  I’ve never been inside, but it has a phenomenal garden behind it that M and I discovered by chance when driving home when we lived over there in Sugarhouse back before we had kids and bought this house.  It has this small arched doorway (that I can’t believe I didn’t take a picture of…. but at least it gives me something new to shoot next time I go), that gives you only a tiny glimpse of what lies beyond when driving by in your car.  But that glimpse was enough to make us do a double take and flip around to check it out.  Even when we were standing outside the gate, we questioned whether it was okay to enter, but there is a sign out front that give hours in which they prefer you to not take pics and other such stuff I don’t remember that gave us the idea that it was okay, so we ventured in.  We couldn’t believe that this was a church house and assumed that it must be used only for special events… but that is not the case.  The Garden Park Ward actually attends meetings here each week.  The link I provided above actually has then and now pics from 1939, which I always find interesting.  Such a magical little hideaway.  Now when we are out for a drive or taking family/visitors around, we make it a point to stop in and take a stroll or sit by the water (and take pics).

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