Footprints and Breast Milk

I’m loving all this time to cuddle with my boys.  Last night J fell asleep in my arms all cuddled up in my bed with me and it felt so wonderful… I miss that.  It’s been so long since I have been able to do so without a big belly jabbing into him and making him uncomfortable and irritated.  He actually fell asleep peacefully and in one position.  It was like one big sleep over last night with J and then eventually Ez.  So far, with the help of my mother-in-law and M, being mommy to two is heavenly… lots of cuddles, lots of play, lots of rest.  Of course, I can’t keep Mami (m-i-l) forever, and M has gone back to work, so… I’ll keep you posted on how my feelings change.

I’m currently wearing a jacket with one sleeve completely drenched in breast milk.  Yeah, I don’t have a clear answer for that one, but I’m assuming it happened while I was feeding Ez and he decided to take a break but my milk didn’t.  This time when your milk comes in is always interesting.  Last night I drenched Ez all the way to his socks while laying down to feed him.  I had to strip him down and put fresh clothes on him so he wouldn’t freeze in the night.

Time for footprints and legal docs…

_MG_5007 _MG_5009edit _MG_5013

Can I just say, that the hardest part about birthing with a midwife is that they are there for you and with you through the most (or one of the most) physically and emotionally vulnerable moments in your life, as well as incredibly intimate and spiritual, then other than a few follow up visits, you rarely see them again… not that you couldn’t, you could I guess, but for both of you life must continue on.  You feel like they are somehow your best friend, mother, coach, mentor, etc…  You feel connected to them and grateful for them.  Then, that’s that (until next time, that is).


The first of many daddy Ezra pics…


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