Family Fun Night


We took the gang out for a night of family fun.  Anytime we opt to take the kids out to a quieter restaurant its always a bit of a gamble.  We never really know whether we will walk away from the night frazzled and at our whits end or happy we did it.  Honestly, the key is to get in and get out as quickly as possible.  The sooner you order, the sooner the food comes, and then requesting the bill and boxes way before you actually need them is my tip to you.


We went to Buca Di Beppos downtown and ordered chicken and spaghetti.  Jonah dug in and didn’t need even a moment of encouragement to finish his food.  The only way Ezra could be any happier was if we had let him lose on the table with full access to endless grub.  The pesto they serve the chicken on is heavenly… I think the world as he knew it came spiraling to a halt as he tasted it for the first time.   Daddy almost lost a finger to a ravenous beast that night.


I thought the dummy head tied to the headrest was worth snapping.  This car was parked illegally, and I’m not sure if they thought that the head would actually help them from getting ticketed, but I guess it was worth a shot.


After dinner was DESSERT!!!  The best part of any family night out.  Jonah got to pick whatever he wanted.  I tried cotton candy for the first and last time (though it wasn’t half bad) thanks to Jonahs (like most kids) strong attraction to bright colors.

_MG_2290 _MG_2285

With our ice cream we headed over to the park.  For Jonah, seeing other kids has a stronger effect on him than any amount of sugar.  This kid loves people.  I love that about him.  The cars in the photo below were left on the playground equipment by some kid and Jonah found them, of course.  But when we told him they weren’t his and told him to put them back where he found them, he turned right around and did just that… I turned to Mahonrri wide eyed and told him that this moment was sure to end up on the blog and then I went and took a picture of the Lightning McQueen car that Jonah relinquished without a fight so I could make sure it went down in history.


I was impressed by just how much ice cream made it into Jonah’s mouth while spinning.  I remember being a kid and having an endless tolerance for spinning and bouncing… I sat in that spinning bowl and took my own turn.  It didn’t take long before I felt the dizziness up in my forehead like a pull of gravity tugging on my brows.  But when I attempted to get out, the pulling of my body forward only sent me spinning faster and would then pull me back in.  When I called to M to save me, he did what you would expect – he laughed and left me to find my own way out.  Eventually when I laid back and held very still I naturally slowed down and was soon able to free myself.  While I sat there recovering I looked out to see Jonah still going going going and giggling all the while.  My Child, an endless vortex of energy and joy.


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