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This mama is all but a wreck by the end of the day…. though it doesn’t even end there.  No, the night is just a test of how many times I can be woken from a heavy nights sleep and still be able to function the next day.  The tally has gotten pretty impressive, and though I’m uncertain at times if I am actually “functioning” it does seem that I am hanging in there.  Teething season has begun.  The way this kid is taking it, my guess is that every tooth in his tiny little mouth is gonna pop out at once…  Though that is highly unlikely, I wouldn’t mind if that were the case at all.  Just get this over with already!  I miss my sweet tempered, layed back and easy to please baby that only showed me his lungs just before feeding time.  But not everything good can last, right?  For now I just get snot, drool, whimpers, loss of appetite, etc.  But on the  up side, I do get endless snuggles with his warm body, plus he’s getting into less trouble because he isn’t wanting to crawl around and eat everything in sight anymore.  You know what we women need?  We need the beauty industry to start manipulating the masses into seeing dark circles under our eyes as glamorous.  Don’t underestimate their power!  They could do it if they wanted.


Other baby stages are fun though.  These were taken last week prior to teething… I walked into the boys room to find my sweet Ezra awake from his nap and poking his happy little face up and over the side of the crib.  Looks like someone has graduated to yet another level of independence and is now pulling himself up onto things.  Of course, at this sight I run to get my camera, (because you know I am obsessed with recording every little thing)…


Jonah wakes up and I guess he was just feeding off the excitement because he starts pulling every toy in reach out wanting to just be right there and a part of things in whatever way he could.  It wasn’t long before he began to toss all the stuffed animals into the crib for Ezra.  He piled them in until Ezra sort of just became one of them.

_MG_2794 _MG_2785bw

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