10 Things I Love About Having a Newborn Around

Having another little guy around has proved to be both wonderful and hectic. ¬†Yesterday’s outing to the hardware store and then to the grocery store was exhausting and would have been laughable if it hadn’t been so cryable… yeah… but I’m not feeling bad for myself (after having a good cry). ¬†It’s clear that I’ve just been initiated (more officially) into the world of mommyhood to two, and after making a list of things I need and want to get done, then feeling like it was absolutely impossible, I thought it would be a great time to sit down and write a list of 10 things I love about having a[nother] kiddo… (in random order, and not limited to)

  1. He stares at me like I am all that matters
  2. The tiniest thing he does can make my heart burst
  3. His cry is tender (and not whiny yet) which brings out my compassionate side (which comes in handy with my wild two year old)
  4. All our clothes and blankets smell like baby (because of his extra sensitive skin I wash everything in his detergent)
  5. I get to play a human sandwich at nap time smothered between two warm babies instead of one
  6. I get a chance to sit down during the day, even if it is just to feed him
  7. Daddy picks up the slack and cooks yummy stuff like garlic burgers
  8. He helps me be more aware of the greatness of our creator
  9. We get gifts (who doesn’t like to get presents?? Even if technically it’s not for me)
  10. There’s always a blanket at arms reach no matter where I am around the house

Some instagram favs of my sweet Ezra:IMG_20140214_173801IMG_20140304_091335 (1)IMG_20140224_124414

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