Grounding Oneself and Connecting to the Earth

grounding oneself and connecting to the earth

There’s a lot to say for grounding oneself to the Earth.  That is to say connecting both your soul and energy to the Earth and it’s energy.  This creates an open channel up from the Earth and through to you.  This of course does not always have to be literal touching of the ground.  However, many find that grounding oneself comes easier to them when they are out in nature, breathing fresh air, and even walking barefoot.  Connecting.  In fact, the more senses you can touch the greater flow of energy you can produce.  Inviting smell, sight, sound, touch, and even taste by simply just breathing fresh air deeply into your lungs or biting into an apple picked from a tree by your own hands.  This energy I keep talking about can bring peace and calm, increase feelings of security, an awareness of your existence, and even produce physical energy in your muscles, bones, blood, and organs.  People who make it a point to regularly ground themselves (connect to the Earth) show lower stress levels, slower signs of aging, and an overall better health.  I know we live in a fast paced world filled with electronics and artificial/negative energies around us, and it can be incredibly hard to break free from that, but take a break.  No, seriously, just take a damn break and look around.   Breathe.  Take your shoes off.  Feel the warmth from the concrete slab that you are walking on produced by the power of the sun.  Touch a leaf.  Look at the veins that carry life and produces oxygen for us to breathe.  Be like a child and be curious and in awe.  Then close your eyes and feel that energy flow in. Let it heal you, or if you are still a bit of a skeptic, simply let it put a smile on your face.

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