Shoveling Snow with Daddy

shoveling snow

Daddy’s little helper.  Sometimes the snow goes off to the sides, but mostly J enjoy’s shoveling snow from the sides back onto the walks that dad has already cleared.  I’m just glad he likes shoveling at all.  Sure keeps him busy while M is clearing the walks leaving me a little time to myself inside.  After a handful of experiences of playing with the snow with his bare hands, and then experiencing that sting that follows and sobbing and begging for hugs to make it go away, he has now wised up.  He either wears his mittens without a fuss, or simply avoids touching the snow… finally.  It’s tough when a lesson has to be learned the hard way – and not just for J.  He usually plays in the snow right before we are going to get in the car to run some errands, or when we are late for something.   The pain kicks in right about the time that I am rushing to buckle him in, and he sobs and has a meltdown if I don’t stay there cheek to cheek  with him (me hunched over his seat and his arms wrapped like vices around my neck)… not that overdue pregnant ladies have any issues with their backs, so hey, what the heck.  Anything to make your baby boy feel better.  But he is growing up so quickly that it kind of breaks my heart while at the same time making me feel so proud and excited.  Man I love this kid and I gladly smother him with all the hugs he needs (or I need).





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