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So now that I have the bed all to myself again, I realize that there are perks to sleeping alone…  I’ll get into that, but first I have to describe to you the sleeping habits of my hubby.  You know how there are really reckless sleepers that toss and turn and the sheets and blankets have no rhyme or reason to them by morning?  Well M is not one of those, no, our bed is a confusing tangle of covers BEFORE we fall asleep.  Apparently he’s been traumatized from childhood to the extent that he is absolutely certain that if he doesn’t un-tuck the sheets completely and have them wrapped around his feet and legs that he will be bitten by spiders in the middle of the night.  I kid you not people.   So if I don’t climb into bed before him I am left trying to detangle my feet and pull and yank enough blanket back out from under him to cover myself.  I’ve learned that if I get to bed before him I can lay flat on my back tucking a foot or so of blanket under the entire length of my body and hold fast to my covers I can be guaranteed my own comfort once his nightly ritual of tug-pull-kick-yank-tuck is over.

So getting closer to my point…

You know how if you do just the right sequence of things at the right hours in the morning you can almost control whether or not the day is going to be a productive and good one?  That is how it works for me anyhow.  Just like there are good and bad recipes for the same dish, there are good and bad routines.  What you choose to do first really can make or break the overall outcome – according to me.  Well, I have found that if the first thing I do in the morning is make my bed, it will jump start a cycle of productivity.  Simple enough, right?  But it’s NOT.  In fact it’s a pain in the butt.

I love my home, but it is tiny.  We sleep in a full sized bed that has no choice but to be placed in the corner of the room.  Anywhere else and we would just have to forfeit having any other furniture in there.  I’ve accepted this a long time ago and I think that we have done a fine job at making it work.  But the time comes to make the bed and I have to climb on and reach across it… I’m sure you get the point.  But guess what?  When I sleep in the bed alone, the next morning bed making takes a minute, maybe.  I love this!  This is the perk to sleeping alone.  Simple. Clean. Neat. What?  There’s nothing like having to pull all the blankets off the bed and start from scratch every morning to discourage you from making your bed… then tack on a bowl full of jelly (my pregnant belly, for those of you who don’t get me) and rather than do all that reaching and climbing I often just close the door behind me for the day.  Oops… Well now you know.

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