Labor Day Picnic at Magna City Park


Like every year, the various unions from around the state gather at Magna City Park for their annual Labor Day picnic and car show.  Without fail, there are always amazing cars that get Jonah excited.  In fact the owners of the cars aren’t exactly thrilled when Jonah comes around because this three year old (or soon to be the next day) isn’t great with not touching the cars.  I know, I know, that delicate cherry red car paint and chrome hub caps will apparently just fall off or crumble at the touch of those tiny three year old hands… Dude, it’s a car man, a car.  So just like the Labor Day Picnic the year before, You will find Jonah on M’s shoulders so the old geezers that live and die for their perfect wax job don’t have a heart attack on our account.  But seriously, you gotta see how much Jonah has changed since then…

_MG_2322 _MG_2330 _MG_2332

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