A New Love In Jonah’s Life

Lita (Abuela) just sent Jonah all matching rain gear.  Though we have yet to get enough rain to try them all out, Jonah can’t get enough of his boots (who needs rain to wear rain boots anyway? Right?).  He’s actually got two pairs of boots that are similar but one pair is too small (which is why he needed the new ones), not that this stops him from trying to wear them still.  He doesn’t go anywhere without a pair of these boots on – sometimes they are mismatched [big with small], or on the wrong feet.  He doesn’t care.  My biggest challenge is convincing him to take them off to change his diaper… I actually just give up some times and simply work around the boots and pants around his ankles… not ideal conditions, but hey the kids passionate and that brings a smile to my face, so why not embrace it?  He also tries to sleep with his boots on.  He wears his boots when he won’t wear anything else.  He tries to put his boots on over his shoes (and when they won’t go he begs me and follows me around until I take his shoes off for him).  He brings his boots to the dinner table… and on and on… So something tells me that these boots may just be his new love.  What do you think?

new love, rain boots

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