Its Been a While.

I like to think that I really haven’t changed much from back in the day… Photos of myself are really hard to come by these days, so I was excited to come across these while looking for some pics for a project my sister is working on.  I wish I had a photographer friend at my disposal more often.  I’m always the one behind the camera and never the one in the picture.  Often preferred that way, however.  M has also been giving me a hard time about not having any pics of me for when he’s away.  He claims he wants to show me off to his buddies, but I know he’s just trying to flatter me into being a little more narcissistic and flirty with a camera… oh a boy can dream, right?  But honestly, I do think that I am going to try to put myself in more pictures – even if they must be self portraits (they probably will).  For self, posterity, and yes, for my darling hubby who seems to adore me for some crazy reason – yes, I admit that I am one lucky girl.  Do I smell a photo project coming on???

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