Official Birthday

Birthday Breakfast Birthday Breakfast

Happy Official Birthday baby boy!!  (well, belated at this point).  We started the day with homemade whole wheat banana pancakes with Nutella for his birthday breakfast.  He gobbled them down (as long as they were slathered with Nutella, of course) and then we all hung around the house for a bit doing whatever he wanted to do.  We mostly built train tracks and watched Pingu.  When it was closer to lunch time we headed out to a Labor Day picnic and car show.

Labor Day Picnic and Car Show

I loaded up two plate’s full of a variety of food, but J was only interested in the watermelon.  He finished three slices before daddy could sit down.  After another plate full of watermelon wedges he was off… and I mean he just disappeared.  He slid down from his chair under the table and under everyone’s legs, out and under another table full of people and out of the tent to the playground.  I was knocking people in the head with my belly trying to squeeze (pregnant women don’t squeeze) through the rows of seated picnickers (the key is walking on the tips of your toes so your belly can clear the tops of the chairs – that gives you an extra inch or two to work with).  By time I made it out Mahonrri was already across the crowded playground at his side.  Gotta say, I love having someone who can do all the running for me…

Labor Day Picnic and Car Show

Though reluctant to leave the hoards of children on the playground, it didn’t take much to steer his attention to all the fancy cars.

Labor Day Picnic and Car ShowLabor Day Picnic and Car Show_MG_0924Labor Day Picnic and Car Show Labor Day Picnic and Car Show

This actually used to be a Salt Lake City Public bus.  Incredible huh?  Can you imagine if we still had that much class?  Is it weird that this is basically my dream vehicle?  Not kidding, I coveted this bus over every other car in the show.

Labor Day Picnic and Car Show Labor Day Picnic and Car Show

Now we come to Daddy’s dream car.  The El Camino.  Everything about this car says MAN.  Right?  I mean, it’s a muscle car and a truck in one.  There’s no room for your wife’s purse or a diaper bag, and definitely no room for kiddo’s.  It’s like a Man Cave on wheels.  I get it.  Truth be told, I love the car myself and when I see one for sale I get a little itchy for one too.  Sometimes I hate being so practical and sensible always considering space and comfort for a family.  Mahonrri is still determined that we are ([he is]) getting one, and is not so easily discouraged by two very small details I keep bringing up: a kid and a second on the way.  You think that the points I use to dissuade him are exactly the reason that he wants it?  I do.

Labor Day Picnic and Car Show Labor Day Picnic and Car Show

Do you see the size of this shark slide?  This thing is ridiculous! J was in awe and just stared up at it for a minute before running to the front of the massive line.  We of course broke his heart when we dragged him away (sorry, we just aren’t some of those cool parents who will stand in the blistering sun for 45 minutes just to go down a slide once)

Labor Day Picnic and Car Show

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