Hawaiian Ice and Cookie Cutters

hawaiian ice and cookie cutters hawaiian ice and cookie cutters

Yeah yeah, here’s yet another post featuring my kiddo eating.  But isn’t it cute?  I love to watch him enjoy life, and we all know that food and pleasure are basically synonymous.

hawaiian ice and cookie cutters

While daddy was home we decided to get J’s hair cut – but a REAL cut this time.  Since the last time his hair has grown out of control.  No matter how hard I’ve tried to keep him looking well groomed he just ended up looking grubby and wild only minutes later, and I mean minutes. M wanted a full on mohawk for him (coming from the a former dirty street punk rocker it only makes sense).  I had my reservations but agreed to a slight one.  So after indulging in some Hawaiian Ice under the blazing sun on the scalding parking lot asphalt we went in.

Ever been to Cookie Cutters?  It’s really cute.  A slide and play zone in the waiting area, little toy cars for them to sit in while getting their hair cut, and TV monitors by each mirror to help distract the kids.

hawaiian ice and cookie cutters

Even with all that flashy stuff Jonah did not handle this well at all!  He HATES having his hair combed or brushed and never really stopped crying more than a couple of seconds here and there when he’d get lost in the movie.  Truth be told, this time was way more emotional all around.  I kind of whimpered inside the entire time too.  The second she got out the clippers and I saw INCHES coming off the back of his head I about bawled.  I was certain that we had made a big mistake.

hawaiian ice and cookie cutters(beginning…)hawaiian ice and cookie cutters(end..)

He looks more devastated at the results than anything right?  But now that all is said and done, I can assure you that he loves his hair cut.  For the first time ever I can touch his head and play with his hair without him whining or desperately wriggling away from me.

hawaiian ice and cookie cutters

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  • Yoomz says:

    I just DIED laughing at the first mohawk picture. Died. HAHAHA. Still laughing. He looks so pissed off!!!

    • Mae says:

      What’s funny is he is actually pissed about her putting gel in his hair after he thought it was all done and over with. Hahaha but it’s much more fun to tease M about him hating the haircut.

  • Angelica says:

    He doesn’t look like a baby anymore!!! He’s all grown up now! I can’t call him baby Jonah anymore!! But he looks like a TOTAL STUD!!!!

    • Mae says:

      I know! The exact reason I almost lost it while they chopped away! What was left of my baby was falling to the floor in a pile that would just be swept away.

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