Frozen Greek Yogurt: Filling Healthy Snack Idea for Toddlers

Frozen Yogurt

This was only a couple of months ago – maybe it’s his long hair, but he looks like my little baby again.  He’s just growing up so fast I can’t hardly take it…  Look at his little curls.  I knew when we cut his hair he would lose that natural curl.  It is no more…

Frozen Yogurt

So I don’t care how sick anyone is about me oogling over my baby boy.  I want to just point out his elbow dimples and take a moment to sigh… I just want to burn all those little details into my memory so I never forget.

Frozen Yogurt

This summer I was visiting with my cousin and noticed that she was giving her teething one year old a frozen tube of Greek yogurt (brilliant btw).  I immediately thought “duh, why hadn’t I thought of this??”  Jonah may not be teething anymore, but it could be a great healthy treat on the hot summer days.  I actually like them better frozen.  It just tastes better and what I love most is that it’s easier to stay on top of the spills and messes (just look at the pic below for example…).  When J eats yogurt from a tube (unfrozen), though it seems like a simple concept – less dishes, no need for a spoon, just squeeze and eat, etc… J will gladly remind you otherwise.  I like that this is a filling healthy snack for my kiddo that also makes him feel like he is getting a treat (like when you freeze banana slices! Sooo good).

Frozen Greek Yogurt: Filling, Healthy Snack Idea for Toddlers

Edible table art.  Though I support creativity and would like for him to express himself artistically when possible, I think I prefer not having to worry with the frozen yogurt (but then I wouldn’t have had something fun to photograph, so I don’t hate the messes completely either).

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