Banana Bread Muffins for My Little Man

This week I’ve been trying to make breakfast time a little more interesting than scrambled eggs or cereal with fruit.  I want to let Jonah into the kitchen to help a little more.  There is this banana bread recipe I’ve been using for the last couple of years that I found at The Fresh Loaf .  I’ve always loved it because its easy, fast to prepare, tastes great, and if you make muffins instead of loafs it takes maybe 13-15 minutes to bake instead of 50.

Jonah loved helping mom bake banana bread.  Yes, it was a little messier than usual, and took a little longer, but it was a lot more fun.  He helped with the measuring, the pouring, the mixing, and of course, the eating.  We adjusted the recipe to replace the sugar with agave, the butter with coconut oil, and used 1/2 whole wheat flour, 1/4 almond meal, and 1/4 flax meal… the flours were just an experiment.  It will still take a little adjusting because the muffins didn’t raise as much as usual, but they were still delish and very moist.  (For the record, the recipe is great unaltered or with just the sugar replaced).

baking banana bread with Kid baking banana bread with Kid baking banana bread with Kid baking banana bread with Kid

I’m fairly certain J sprayed more olive oil around the edges than inside…

baking banana bread with Kid

We made a batch of mini muffins just for J.

baking banana bread with Kid

We started with a dozen, but they slow began to whittle down each time I looked at the cooling rack.

baking banana bread with Kid baking banana bread with Kid

Until suddenly the rack was empty…  and I had a toddler that looked, well, like he had eaten a dozen muffins.

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